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    东安鸡'Braised Sliced Cuttlefish in Brawn Sauce'

    1.   典故:东安鸡,产于湖南省东安县。用东安鸡烹制的菜肴,因加入了米醋,故称醋鸡。传说,北伐战争胜利后,国民革命军第八军军长唐生智在南京曲园酒楼设宴款待宾客,席间上了醋鸡一菜,宾客尝后赞不绝口,问其菜名,唐生智觉得原名不雅,灵机一动回答道:这是家乡东安鸡。从此,东安鸡名气日盛,成为湖南名菜,令人闻之生津,常食不厌,流传于国内外。



    2.       Dong’an Chicken originates in Dong’an County, Hunan Province. It is also called “Fried Chicken in Vinegar” , because rice vinegar is added during its cooking. Legend has it that after the victory of the Northern Expedition, Tang Shengzhi, commander of the eighth Army of the National Revolutionary Army, hosted a banquet for guests at the Nanjing Quyuan Restaurant. During the dinner, fried chicken in vinegar was served. After tasting it, the guests praised it and asked for the name of the dish. Tang Shengzhi thought its original name was not decent, so he came up with “Dong’an Chicken”. Since then, Dong’an chicken became a famous Hunan dish and spread overseas.    

    3.       American President Nixon visited China in 1972 and was treated with Dong’an Chicken by Chairman Mao. After he came back to U.S., he talked about Dong’an Chicken for several times.

            Characteristics: crispy and tender, sour and spicy.

    主 料:净仔母鸡肉500克
    配 料:干红椒10克,鲜红椒20克,姜25克,葱段20克,碎花椒少许
    调 料:植物油150克,香油10克,盐5克,詹王鸡粉5克,糯米醋50克,料酒适量,鸡汤150克,湿淀粉15克
    特 点:脆嫩鲜香、酸辣可口