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    红烧猪脚'Braised Pig’s Feet in Brown Sauce'



          In the late of Qing Dynasty, there was a peddler surnamed Shen selling Braised Pig’s Feet in Brown Sauce and he had a good business. In the 1930s, one of his descendants married a beautiful and capable woman, who inherited the business of her husband’s family. Her Braised Pig’s Feet in Brown Sauce was bright red, delicious and fragrant. Her surname was Deng and was the sixth child in her family, so she was called the Sixth Deng. In 1941, Deng ran a shop named “Deng Chunxiang” in Huogongdian, selling Braise Pig’s Feet in Brown Sauce. From then, her Braised Pig’s Feet was popular among the whole Changsha. Her shop was full of guests every day. After the implementation of public-private partnership in 1956, she skilled several apprentices who has inherited her skills until today.

           Characteristics: Bright red, soft and tasty.  

    主 料:猪脚
    辅 料:八角、桂皮、香叶、草果、白蔻、糖色、料酒