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    肉丝馓子Deep-fried Noodles with Shredded Meat



    特点:酥脆芳香    落口消溶

            Deep-fried Noodles has a history over a thousand year. Su Shi, a literary giant in Song Dynasty, composed a poem for a woman who lived on selling deep-fried noodles, which is: “Delicate hands knead the dough, deep-fry it until golden, it is like a gold armlet woman wears in her deep-sleep.” Deep-fried Noodles was called Deep-fried Noodles in Spiced Salt in old Changsha.

            Zhang Guisheng, who was the innovator of Deep-fried Noodles with shredded meat, sells deep-fried noodles in Huogongdian in the 1940s. He chose the superior flour, sieved with a bamboo sieve, then twisted and pressed it for several times and drew it into threads as smooth as cotton. During deep-frying, fire has to be strictly controlled for crispy deep-fried noodles. After boiled by scalding broth, it can just melt in your mouth and linger on your tongue.

    主 料:小麦
    辅 料:牛肉、葱花、芝麻油