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    龙脂猪血'Coagulated Pig Blood in Sesame Oil'



           During Tongzhi period of Ding Dynasty, there were several street peddlars selling pig blood, among which Hu’s Pig Blood in Sesame Oil did the best business. From generation to generation, Hu family has been selling Pig’s Blood in Sesame Oil. There are six processes from the collection and heating of pig plasma to the seasoning of it, etc. Each process has its strict rules. When seasoning pig’s blood, it can be served after adding some sesame oil and scallion pieces. It is delicious, refreshing, and as soft and tender as Chinese dragon’s fat and liver. 

           In the Republican period, a literary intellectual proposed a suggestion of changing its name to Coagulated Pig’s Blood as Chinese Dragon’s Fat after eating it. Since then, Coagulated Pig’s Blood as Chinese Dragon’s Fat has become one of the famous Hunan snacks for its elegant name and high quality.  

    主 料:猪血
    辅 料:麻油、葱花