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    姊妹团子'Steamed Glutinous Rice Ball (with meat/sugar in it)'




           In the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China, there was a coppersmith whose name is Jiang Liren in Tongpu Street, near Huogongdian. On the summer solstice every year, he made summer solstice rice ball with meat or sugar at it, which was more delicious than common ones. So it was very popular among neighbors. Jiang Liren had two daughters, Jiang Xiu mei and Jiang Xiuying. The two sisters ran a store selling rice balls. 

           They ground superior sticky rice into wet powder, then added pork, champignon, sesame seeds and sugar in it, making two kinds of sticky rice balls, salty ones and sweet ones respectively. They were not only beautiful and clever, but also ingenious. When making rice balls, they were just like playing a vaudeville show, which attracted a lot of people to watch and taste. So their business was very booming. Over time, people called sticky rice balls as sisters’ sticky rice balls and it comes down to a famous Hunan snack. 

    主 料:糯米
    辅 料:白糖、猪肉