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    剁椒鱼头王'Steamed Head with Chopped Chili'



           Steamed Head with Chopped Chili is one of the famous dishes in Xiangtan City. Combining the freshness of fish head with spiciness of chopped chili, it has its unique flavor. Special mention needs to be made is that it is cooked with camellia oil. Tenderly white fish, covered with red chopped peppers, green scallion pieces, black Liuyang fermented soy bean, yellow ginger, white garlic slices and mauve perilla, exhales a thick smell, looking quite appetizing.

    Every part of fish has its unique features, for example, fish lips are very tender so it’s the most delicious part; crispy fish cheek, fat and smooth brain and meat are the most fragrant parts. Chin of fish is very soft and chewy. After eating the whole fish head, the left fish soup can be used to soak rice or noodles, which is the most classic and delicious way to eat.

           Characteristics: Tender and spicy.